Lawn Garden Decor – Envisioning the Area

Many people have to use their garden or patio primarily as a service area. For instance, you may have to store dustbins in it, or hang out the washing across it, or use at least part of the total space to keep a bicycle, scooter, or push–chair under cover. In such cases you may want to arrange for trellises or other types of screens or even garden wall mirrors to hide all the impedimenta and still leave you room for a deckchair or for sunbathing. So the garden may need to be larger than you might other wise have envisaged. A garden that is to be a young children’s playground, on the other hand, does not necessarily need the sun; but it should have a non slip surface and be near enough to the kitchen door for you to be able to keep an eye on things.

To improve your lawn garden decor and if your outdoor area is quite small, a paved area is a very good way of showing off a series of tubs, boxes and baskets of flowers that can be switched around with the seasons and replenished with bedding plants. There are plenty of other ideas you could implement to make sure the area looks revamped throughout the year as the seasons change.

Work out which way your plot faces in relation to the sun’s position at various times of the day and how it might affect your use of a garden or patio. You may find, for instance, when you come to chart the sunshine, that the spot where you are planning to sunbathe in the afternoon, in a small backyard or garden, will be in the shade at that time of day; in which case you will have to think again. Remember that in summer the sum climbs higher in the sky and you get longer hours of heat and light. The ideal garden faces south or west for the maximum warmth and sunshine. If it is sunbathing at all costs that you want from your outdoor area you may find you need to site it away from the house, perhaps even at the far end of your garden. This might have the bonus of giving you more peace and quiet, distanced from the hurly burly of the house.

Envisioning the area where you are going to spend part of the summer is really important, as there is nothing worse than a messy, insubstantial and unfriendly garden when the sun is shining high.

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