Lash Extensions – A Small History Lesson

Eyelash extensions are well renowned for their ease of use, low price, and their overall practicality. Whenever you go to a fashion show or a certain social gathering, you will always notice the ladies having lashes that seem longer than usual. Well if you are someone who has not yet grown accustomed to these practices then this sort of thing might seem alien to you. However, if you have gotten used to seeing women use eyelash extensions then you can’t help, but to simply drop your jaw in awe and sheer amazement. No man can resist a woman’s charm, especially if that lady has eyelashes longer than her pinky toe.

Long eyelashes were once viewed as a sign of nobility way back in ancient Egypt. The only people who were allowed to sport long lashes were members of the royal family and society’s elite citizens. It is amazing to think that 4000 years ago long eyelashes were exclusive to only a select few, but fast forward to modern times and we can now see almost everyone having them.

In the 1940′s, false eyelashes first started making their presence felt in the 20th century, but it was not until sometime in the late 1970′s that they were beginning to get recognized. When the 90′s rolled by they were becoming more and more popular because of the many famous super models wearing them. The dawn of the 21st century saw false eyelashes reach a new high in terms of popularity.

Celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, brought them to prominence when she began sporting mink lashes to the Academy Awards. Ever since then, false lash extensions have become a very integral part of a woman’s everyday clothing. If you are looking for a temporary, but truly effective way to look good then try out a pair of lash extensions for yourself.

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