Lanyards Are All Over

Lanyards seem to be all over the place lately. Particularly lanyards seem to be a popular way of carrying keys. Interestingly enough, a neck lanyard is used for this purpose, yet it is not worn around the neck. Rather the neck lanyard is shoved in a purse, or even more popular, stuck in the pants pocket and allowed to dangle out. Most often carrying the lanyard in the pocket is seen in teens and college aged kids. Sometimes you see this mode of carrying keys using “uncool” lanyards – that is a lanyard that does not have a “cool” logo but may be promoting some everyday thing. However, sometimes the lanyards are cool, promoting a concert or a sports team.

Team lanyards promote a team by using a wide cloth strap that is in the color of the team being promoted and has the team logo or name imprinted on or woven into it. Using a team lanyard may be one way to sport your favorite NFL or MLB team, letting everyone know which team you think is great. But another idea for using a team lanyard is to support your local school. Team lanyards can be an easy and fairly inexpensive way for students to have fundraisers to support their school projects. By providing a lanyard in their school colors with their mascot woven into the strap, students, as well as alumni, can show their school spirit and provide needed funds by purchasing team lanyards. To capitalize on that idea, a school could sponsor lanyard night at a basketball or football game. Students, parents, alumni, they could all attend the game sporting their team lanyards from their pockets or purses, or even wearing them around their necks. The school could have the team lanyards available at the game so others could purchase them as well. It could be a simple way to show unity and purpose for the school.

There are probably many other ways that lanyards could be used, as promotional items, or in any traditional or nontraditional one could think of. No wonder lanyards seem to be all over the place lately.

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