Kinds of Baby Travel Cots

Parents frequently say that baby travel cots are best kids’ bed for babies on travel. It is the most useful equipment that they can have. This is because travel cots are versatile. Not only that, most of them has a double playpen perfect to keep your baby near. There are different kinds of travel cots that you can find for babies, and these are:

Deluxe Travel Cots

This comes with a bassinet that can be removed if the baby starts to crawl. These are best fits for kids up to two years of age. A few deluxe versions come in complete music, nightlight and vibrating mattress to soothe the baby’s sleep. Some designs also include a changing table to let you change the baby’s diapers or nappies comfortably.

Full Sized Travel Cots and Petite Travel Cots

Full sized travel cots are available without a bassinet and are suited for babies’ up to two years of age. Petite one with bassinet is a perfect alternative, if the space limitation is your concern. Though this kind can only accommodate baby until three months old.

Pop Up Travel Cots

These cots are excellent for younger babies and come with a complete mattress and lightweight as little as 1kg.

If you are to go for a camping, holiday abroad, or will just have to visit your grandparent’s house this weekend, then these baby travel cots can help you. The styles will definitely last your baby for months until they start to crawl. It will also give you comfort and peace of mind than seeing your baby roll on the floor.

Choose for a baby travel cot as your kid bed selection while on travel. Do not be caught out if when an unexpected incident will happen. For sure your baby will be very happy to travel with you with a comfortable bed to rest in.

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