Iconic LEGO Building Block Sets

The iconic and wildly popular LEGO brand has been enjoyed by children and adults many years so far. A recent resurgence in styles and lines has brought LEGO back into the forefront of the toy enthusiasts and the media worldwide. LEGO is expanding their line by a series of mergers with Star Wars, Batman, Rock Band, Indiana Jones, and other well-known household names to create immensely successful building block sets and video games. Choosing which LEGO set you would like to purchase has never been more exciting than it is today. It has also never been more difficult, as their is now a seemingly infinite amount of options to choose from for the LEGO enthusiast.

LEGO has developed a collectible and iconic line of toys when they merged with Indiana Jones and Star Wars to create unique block sets and video games. Characters from the movies, such as Mutt Williams, Irina Spalko, and Indiana Jones can be found in these news sets. Don’t worry, they still include all the necessities such as full campsite blocks and even ants in the very popular Jungle Duel Set.

Look no farther than your local or online LEGO dealer to recreate your favorite and most memorable cinematic adventures. These are not just for the kids, LEGO collectors will pay huge amounts for some of the more rare collectible sets or LEGO figures out there. The larger sets are sometimes broken down and resold individually by professional hobbyists and online dealers. Seeing more well known characters, such as Darth Vader of the Star Wars line, going for upwards of fifty dollars is not uncommon at all; older Batman Lego sets often sell for hundreds of dollars. In the end, these sets are meant to be enjoyed, and buying the set for its entertainment value, instead of the resell value of the minifigures, is the best way to go about your LEGO fascination.

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