I Want to Sell my Timeshare Now

There are a lot of people who ask, “What should I do if I want to sell my timeshare?” This article intends to offer you basic information on selling a timeshare.

First things first. It is critical that you do not pay any fees up-front when you are selling your timeshare. Whatever name they use for the fee – whether it is a market analysis fee, appraisal fee, advertising fee, etc. – the result is essentially the same: there were few sale transactions that were successful. Usually, once a company has received your money, it is highly likely you will not get back your hard-earned money.

Also, if you are to advertise your timeshare rentals, make sure you do so at a price that is realistic. Take note that a lot of timeshares are worth on the resale market for a mere 30% to 50% of the cost you most likely originally paid the developer when you bought it.

As much as possible, do accept the fact that even if you paid $10,000 for a week, someone else is unlikely to fork up the same amount. The best things is to do your research and place the price at the proper level and it will most likely sell. In order to set up the proper price, make sure you know how much other weeks are being sold for. You can inquire with your resort on recent sale costs or check out recently completed auctions in eBay. To acquire more assistance in setting up the cost, make sure you do an online search on all current listings.

You can also inquire with your resort for any ideas of how others put their weeks up for sale. You can similarly advertise in a newsletter or bulletin boards or at numerous free online timeshare resale services. You can also attempt to sell your timeshare rentals on eBay.

All in all, selling a timeshare takes a lot of effort, diligence and patience. However, if you persevere and set goals which are realistic, all your energy will definitely pay off.

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