How to Use Retinoids Correctly

Retinoids are very effective at reducing and eliminating acne. It is prescribed by most dermatologists as one of the bets remedies for pimples, and it is one of the medications most acne sufferers purchase and use. However, not too many people know how to use retinoids correctly. Some slather as much as they want on their face thinking that the more they put on their face, the more effective it will be. How to get rid of acne depends a lot on how a person uses a product.

It is crucial to start slow when introducing retinoids to your skin. Do not use huge amounts of the product on your skin or else you will get red and irritated skin. Use it sparingly when starting treatment and you can just increase the frequency of usage slowly as your skin gets used to it. It is also important to check if your skin will show any irritation in the beginning. If it does, you might need to go back to your dermatologist and ask for a different treatment. Give your skin time to adjust to the product and you will benefit greatly for it.

Most people have this notion that the larger amount of a product they use, the quicker their breakouts will disappear. This is not true and this is very foolish. Using huge amounts of skincare products might irritate the skin instead of help clear it out. A pea-sized amount is the correct amount to use on skin. This is enough for the entire face. Distribute the pea-sized amount of retinoid evenly on your skin by dotting it all over your face.

Retinoids will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Most dermatologists recommend using them only at night before going to sleep. Do not forget to use sunscreen during daytime to avoid getting baked under the sun. With or without retinoids, the sun can cause damage to the skin.

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