How to Stay Awake With a Nap Alarm Device

Falling asleep at work or at school could be embarrassing or cost you your job. Falling asleep while driving could cost you your life or some else’s. If you have found yourself in a near miss situation more then once then it is incumbent on you to figure out how to stay awake while engaged in these important situations.

Some people rely on coffee to stay awake but the effects can wear off quickly plus there are other drawbacks like the caffeine keeping you awake when the time comes to actually go to sleep. An alternative is a nap alarm device.

The benefit of a mechanical device like a nap alarm is that it carries no side effects. This may be beneficial to people who can not tolerate caffeinated beverages but who nonetheless need a solution for staying awake.

In addition to the previously mentioned problems with caffeinated beverages, some people suffer from medical issues where caffeine intake is restricted or forbidden. Utilizing a device with no physiological effects suits these people well and is an excellent alternative.

Lastly, sometimes fatigue is unpredictable and you don’t have an opportunity to try and wake yourself up. This can happen if you happen to be driving a long stretch of highway and the monotony lulls you to sleep. Wearing a stay awake nap alarm works wonders in this situation since it alerts you by beeping or vibrating when your head tilts forward. It is not meant to replace sleep but it can prevent serious accidents. If your alarm goes off, make sure to pull over the side of the road and either take a cat nap or freshen yourself up by taking a walk or having a snack. It is clearly imperative to stay awake while driving but once you are off the road get a little rest and gear yourself up for the rest of your journey.

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