How to Remove Odors From Your Laptop

Most people buy new laptops direct from the store. Still sealed, never been touched and never been used. Brand new laptops cost a lot of money, money which a lot of people do not have. People who do not have the amount for a brand new laptop have to look for alternatives. One of these alternatives is used laptops. There are used laptops under 500 dollars which are in excellent condition.

The best laptops for college do not really have to be brand new. As long as it has the specifications you need, used laptops can still do the job. One of the things that you should do when you get your used laptop is to clean it first. Because used laptops are no longer brand new, you might find that some of them have keyboards which are a little worn out and some may even have odors. In this article we will focus on removing odors from your laptops.

The most likely areas where odor is found are the keyboard and the mouse. These are the parts of the laptop which are often in contact with human hands. Some people do not wash their hands before working on their laptop and this can make the transfer of dirt and odor easy.

What you can try is to use canned air on the keyboard, as well as on all the ports and vents of the laptop. This will not only get rid of odor it will also remove dust and particles on your laptop. Vinegar is also very useful in removing odors. Pour or spray a little amount of straight white vinegar on a clean piece of cloth and use wipe that cloth on the laptop casing, mouse pad or trackpad and the keyboard. Do not use the cloth to wipe your laptop screen!

If the vinegar does not address the odor problem of your laptop, you can open the laptop and out it in a plastic bag which is large enough to accommodate the entire laptop. Make sure that the laptop is turned off. Soak a piece of cloth with straight white vinegar or any type of air freshener. Place the piece of cloth inside the bag just beside the laptop and leave it there for 24 hours. After 24 hours you can remove the laptop and the odor will completely disappear.

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