How to Maintain Your Antique Clock Collection

Antique clocks have been there for quite a long time now. In fact, these clocks have been around for centuries. These clocks are mostly mechanical in nature and were created back in the 1900s and usually consist of a set of interlocking wheels and gears to make it work. But over the years, grease, grime as well as rust often accumulate into these gears that gradually cause it to slow down or stop from operating. That is why it is important to do some regular cleaning and maintenance on these antique clocks to keep it working and maintain its beauty as well.

Cleaning these antique clocks usually requires the preparation of a special cleaning solution and must be done with extra care as well. In cleaning these clocks simply follow these easy steps:

1. First, open the back of the clock in order to expose the clock’s movement.

2. Try to look for possible materials that might clog up its gears. You may use some cotton swabs to remove these unwanted materials especially on the hard to reach part of the clock.

3. Then, use some compressed air to blow the dust and grime that accumulated inside the clock.

4. Prepare an antique clock cleaning solution by mixing together the oleic acid, acetone, and ammonium hydroxide. You may also check some stores for a readily available antique clock cleaning solution as well.

5. Using a soft cloth or cotton, wipe the antique clock with the cleaning solution gently in order to prevent delicate old parts from possible damages.

6. Allow the clock to dry then, close the back of the antique clock.

In cleaning antique clocks, make sure that you do not clean the parts vigorously in order to avoid possible damages. But if you think you need some thorough cleaning, you may bring your antique clock to a professional clock restorer. Cleaning your antique clock is definitely necessary in order to keep it working and maintain it for a long time. So always make it a habit to clean your clocks regularly.

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