How to Fix a Slice

How to Fix a Slice

One of the first thing that most beginner golf players want to know is how to fix a slice. In fact, the most common problem that amateur golfers face is the fact that they have a tendency to slice the ball. There are many factors that go into having a tendency to slice the ball and being able to address each of these problems is the only way that a player can properly address slicing the ball.

A slice is when the ball has a sharp left to right trajectory and ends up flying well off to the right of where the player is aiming for a right handed golfer. This occurs when the player imparts too much clockwise side spin on the ball making it pull itself sideways as it flies through the air. Instead of the primarily over-under rotation on a proper golf shot, the slice will have predominantly side spin. What causes the slice to occur is the club face being open at impact. On the other hand, if the club face is closed, the ball with hook to the left.

The first thing one needs to address when you are looking at how to fix a slice is the orientation of the club face at address. The face should always be square to the ball. Another thing that one needs to look at is the grip. If the grip is too weak with the hands turned to the left, the club face will have a tend to be open at impact. Having a strong grip will help to alleviate this.

Fixing a slice takes time and repeated practice working on one’s swing. The best advice is to go out to a range and make small adjustments to your swing until you are satisfied with the result.
Written by T Hatley @ Golf Practice net
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