Healthy Hair Is Possible For You

You need to know the truth about what can help your growth of hair to be healthy again if you have male pattern baldness or the female equivalent known as female pattern hair loss.  The Internet is full of so-called hair growth solutions that actually do nothing but make the people selling these frauds rich. The U.S. FDA has certified just one locally applied drug to treat hair loss because it is the only one which has proven its effectiveness.  The drug Minoxidil is found in hair restoration products which are truly effective.
If you are looking at topical hair loss solutions, these are the ones which are applied directly to the scalp, then you must ensure that they include this government approved substance.  Minoxidil was formerly established to treat high blood pressure.  It did so by causing the small blood vessels of the body to dilate, and thus be less restrictive to the flow of blood.  Reducing the limitation also lets the pressure be reduced as the flow moves more evenly.
An interesting development was observed when this drug was in final clinical tests.  Most of the men who were suffering from male pattern baldness in the test actually saw a decrease in their hair loss.  An investigator noted this and sophisticated tests were started.  These new clinical trials found that, in fact, minoxidil did address the effects of androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).  Absolutely, more than half of the men in the initial study were found to have a higher hair growth and reduced hair loss.
These results have been confirmed by further scientific studies by several sources.  Usually, a 5% solution applied to the balding area on the top twice a day is used to treat males.  Although, women are now given a 2% solution, most of them use the formula of their husband and see good outcomes.  Visit us at the Hair Restoration and Replacement blog where we present the facts when it comes to hair loss and growth, if you want information about healthy hair.

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