Hampton Bay Lighting: Good Value?

Hampton Bay carries a wide variety of lighting products for the home. They carry a wide selection of dome lights. These dome lights also greatly vary in price. For instance, Hampton Bay carries a great 2-light flush mount dome that comes in white. This dome is priced at $9.77 at Home Depot. The dome consists of a frosted swirl glass that is neither too modern or too classical in design. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Hampton Bay carries a very stylish 2 light flush mounted dome that is priced at $59.97. This dome is part of the Bercello Estates series that consists of a more classical décor. The dome consists of a volterra bronze finish with silver accents as well as a clear and frosted glass dome that really gives the appearance of a hand-made item you would find at a small village shop in Italy.
Looking across the internet, I found a website, Lightingsale. I thought the website would allow me to find a good comparison to see if Hampton Bay is a good value or not. The cheaper flush mount lights start at $10.62. Personally, I would rather go with the Hampton Bay less expensive option not only because it’s a little cheaper, but it aesthetically looks like a little better. On the higher end, I would say that Lightingsale not only has a better selection (they sell multiple brands), but there are flush mount lights comparable to or better than Hampton Bay for the price.
The great thing about Hampton Bay though is that it’s sold locally and can easily be returned if it breaks or the style isn’t what you are looking for. Hampton Bay appears to be a good value. If you want something on the low end of price, Hampton Bay appears to be the way to go. If you want a higher end lighting at a lower price, lightsale might be a better option, but it’s tough to be the convenience of Hampton Bay.

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