Green Tea Extract – What is It?

While accepted among the most recent wonder beverages in the world of healthy eating, the habit of drinking green tea is ancient dating back to almost 5000 year ago in China. As further proof is revealed in regards to the potent therapeutic properties of antioxidants, green tea and its abundance of polyphenol antioxidants is gaining further acceptance in the medical community. To deliver the wide-ranging health benefits green tea in a more user-friendly form, a concentrated extract of the polyphenols in green tea was brought into being and is sold as a supplement. This supplement is called green tea extract.

Why Green Tea Extract?
Green tea extract brings a level of simplicity compared to brewed green tea. Furthermore, green tea extract presents another option for individuals who do not take pleasure in consuming green tea, but still want the potential benefits for health. The pill or capsule form of green tea extract consists of dehydrated green tea leaves, whereas fluid removed from the tea leaves is another option, known as green tea extract liquid..

All teas whether they are green, white, oolong or black are produced from the Camellia sinensis shrub; the main difference amongst these teas is in the way they are prepared. Green tea, which is unfermented, is recorded as providing the greatest amount of polyphenol antioxidants. Based on studies conducted at the Maryland University Medical Center, green tea “consists of 6 principal polyphenol substances of which one called EGCG is  the most studied, most active, most beneficial and the most abundant.

Green Tea Benefits
There are presently a vast number of scientific studies studying the potency of green tea extract with regard to curing numerous health conditions and problems, such as cancer, heart disease, brittle bones as well as joint disease. Even though scientists are optimistic, just a couple of studies are presently conclusive. The evidence for green tea weight loss is very powerful while green tea extract as a topical cream is authorized by the FDA for dealing with genital warts.

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