Great Christmas Decorating Ideas that are Really Easy to Implement

Festive lights and flowers are very important decorative elements when it comes to the holiday season. Fairy lights aren’t just for the tree; use them to decorate the tabletop and your guests will absolutely love it. You can also place them on shelves and mantelpieces for an extra touch. Greenery from your garden will add color to the table; it is important to remember that winter flowers will bring your home alive this Christmas. Here are some decorating ideas for you to implement at home:

Mix with glass – Place white fairy lights in an elegant glass container with baubles to create a festive feel.

Combine with cones – Fill a globe vase with fir cones and star lights for a side table display.

Add a centerpiece – Entwine a beaded light garland through some tea lights to create a magical atmosphere at your dining table.

The party feel indoors – Use outdoor string lights indoors as they will be long enough to go around the whole house. Thinking outside the box is always important.

Arrange bauble lights – Mix a string of glowing bauble lights with a garland to bring greenery to life.

Let starlight glow – Led star lights create a blue glow if you want to achieve the frosty feel. Combine with greenery and baubles to decorate a radiator cover.

Make it shimmer – Use a row of iridescent trees to brighten up a shelf, console or mantelpiece.

Make it to order – A large fresh flower centerpiece not only looks beautiful but also adds fragrance to your home. Water it regularly and keep the room cool when not in use.

Hang it up – Gather some holly and ivy from the garden and attach a handful to some decorations. Tie with ribbon to doorknobs to spread the festive feel throughout your home.

Pick a pretty pot – Tie your flowers with a ribbon and place them in a metallic pot, they make a great gift and will smell divine, too. Write your Christmas greetings on the pot for a warm and Christmassy feel.

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