Good Blood Sugar Control

Good blood sugar control is essential for good health and blood sugar levels that are too high or too low can both be dangerous. Our brains need glucose for proper functioning so glucose is a good thing for our bodies to have, but those glucose levels need to be properly regulated for the rest of the body to be healthy and too many of us have glucose levels that are trending toward ever higher ranges.

Blood glucose level control is done by insulin working to move glucose from the bloodstream into cells that are waiting on it for fuel and energy. If insulin is ineffective in its work or the body is resistant to insulin and needs ever more insulin to achieve the same control then other health problems won’t be far behind and will be difficult to deal with.

Some of the reasons that our bodies become insulin resistant is that they have too much fat stored around the middle and that spare tire causes many of the problems. That extra fat creates a burden on the body and can throw the whole glucose control system out of balance. Getting back to a smaller waist and eating better is the best prescription for lower glucose back to normal blood sugar levels.

Better food such as whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean sources of meat are the best way to go. That means a hard change for most of us as we are accustomed to take-out food and processed food that requires no skill or effort to prepare. Those kitchen choices are coming back to haunt us and returning to relying on ourselves to prepare the food and select it from the grocery store is a step towards taking back that control we had abdicated to fast food franchises and silly television commercials.

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