Get the Correct Height Kitchen Bar Stool

Unlike the standard table chair when buying breakfast bar stools you have many variations to consider. Not only whether you want a fixed or swivel seat but more importantly what is the correct height stool for you kitchen worktop surface. The first thing is to measure the space between the floor and the kitchen breakfast bar. Ensure you measure to the bottom of the worktop as breakfast bars vary in thickness. You should aim to buy a stool that leaves enough room for the persons legs to go underneath the bar and avoid the dreaded knee bang.

A good space to leave is about twelve inches beneath the breakfast bar. This should leave a comfortable stance and the table top should feel like it is at the right height for both writing or eating. Many kitchens are now being used as a dual space to not only eat but also work with many being setup to be an office work space.

If you are looking for a cheap breakfast bar stool you should consider a wooden breakfast bar stool as these are probably the most traditional and common stools available. You may find second hand stools from a bar that almost meets your requirement and may just be too high. Never fear you can always adjust the height of the stool by cutting an even amount of the legs. Consider adding rubber feet to the bottom of these legs to ensure the legs are even and will not slip on a smooth shiny surface. This has the added bonus of protecting your floor from scrapes and that awful stool screech if dragged along. If you have more of a budget and can afford an adjustable bar stool then you will have a stool that will adjust to your desired height and you will ensure you have the perfect seating position wether you are on your laptop or just eating toast from your 4 slice toaster.

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