Garnet ring the alternative to diamond rings?

With all the hype about engagement rings, it can be difficult for you to make a logical decision as to what kind of ring to get for your lover. There are so many differing opinions and the diamond sellers have made their point quite clear all engagement rings need to have diamonds. But is that really so? In spite of what all the advertisements say, you are not obligated to buy a diamond engagement ring for your soon to be spouse. There are many other options that are masked by the big diamond companies who want you to spend three of four months salary on a big shine white.

What is the garnet stone?

Garnet as a gemstone symbolizes vitality, passion, truth, courage, and endurance. There is a lot about the garnet stone that is underrated in the market. With its deep red cuts and beautiful angles, the garnet stone looks beautiful in white and yellow gold alike, with or without other clusters of stones to offset it. The garnet stone is one of the most popular stones in the jewelry market. It is fairly inexpensive, but still luxurious looking in jewelry of any kind. The garnet is a symbol of warm and fire, and you can almost feel the fire erupting from it as it shines in the afternoon sunlight. Garnet is now gaining popularity as an engagement ring stone studded with diamond clusters.

Good alternative to diamonds?

A garnet ring cannot be compared with a diamond ring. Diamonds are one of the worlds most precious resources, and the worlds hardest material. They are created over thousands of years miles deep in the earths crust and then spewed out by volcanic activity. Diamonds hold a value that has been tested in the fire under extreme pressure. When cut, they are one of the most brilliant stones on earth. However, your bank balance may not like to hear all of that when it is time to get your engagement ring. If you genuinely cannot afford diamonds, then it makes no sense to put yourself and your new marriage under financial pressure. Instead buy a diamond cluster ring with garnet primary stone. In that case, garnets with diamonds clusters are a good alternative to the great white stone. If you use garnet as the primary stone and offset it with diamond clusters, you will end up with a truly beautiful work of art that accentuates the black and yellow of gold, the deep red of garnet, and sparkling white of diamonds.

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