Frequently Asked Question: How Many Calories in a Banana?

Looking fit and lean is all the rage these days. People want to be healthier and feel better about their bodies. To accomplish this goal, many choose to take a technical methodology which involves the precise calculation of every related metric. How many calories in a banana, apple, and other food are carefully measured and written down. But getting fit doesnt have to be so complicated. At the end of the day, it all boils down to eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. The thing is that knowing exactly which food and what quantities are healthy can be tricky in some areas. In the same manner, enough physical activity varies from person to person. To keep things simple, one can follow the rule of thumb that to get slimmer, the calories burned must be greater than the calories consumed. It cant go any other way. Therefore, eating foods with low calorie content is a must. This should be followed up with increasingly lengthy aerobic exercises to get rid of the excess fats. No diet pills are necessary, just good old fashioned hard work and determination.

There are a lot of exercises which can be done to hasten the weight loss. Walking or running is a very good way to slim down. Another is through lifting weights. This can be through ones own bodyweight or through exercise equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells. The latter look like iron balls with a top handle. Kettlebell workout routines can vary in difficulty depending on the size of the kettlebell used and the movements included in the exercises. Everyone from absolute beginners to advanced users can gain tremendous benefits. For toning, its best to keep the weight down and the repetitions up. For bulking, it goes the other way around. Kettlebells are small and easy to store inside a room.

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