Forget The Gym, Use Cheap Treadmills At Home

If you have been traveling to and from a gym for several years and are tired of spending both your time and money paying monthly fees and schlepping back and forth everyday just to lose a few pounds and keep it off it is time to start thinking about a home gym. The central part of any gym is the treadmills and many people are intimidated by the prices of treadmills they see in sporting good specialty stores. The fact is that many treadmills are quite expensive but this does not mean that cheap treadmills are not available. The fact is that cheap treadmills are much more common than expensive ones but stores will generally display the more expensive models as attractions to draw customers.

There are several inexpensive treadmills on the market that will deliver a perfectly good workout and not break you budget in doing so. The whole idea of a home gym is to cut your expenses over time and save you the time and trouble of having to travel for your workout. Sportcraft offers a really great, fully motorized treadmill with three manual settings has speeds up to 8 miles per hour and is foldable for easy storage. This model also comes with a lifetime warranty. The Horizon CT 7.1 has a large motor and is very quiet and includes LED rendered workout information with two separate screens. This system can move up to 12 mile per hour and has speakers and a mount for you mp3 player.

You can also consider buying a used treadmill at first. This will allow you to get a treadmill with all of the fancy features but at a much lower price. Many gyms and health spas upgrade their treadmills every couple of years and it is usually easy to find one who will sell the old treadmills at an excellent price. Keep in mind however that these machines were used in a public place and will have seen some hard wear.

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