Fake Security Cameras – A Cost Effective Way To Secure Your Business

Small business owners who work on a tight budget may not be able to afford a full security camera system to monitor their business space, be it restaurant, a small office, or a small shop front. A full CCTV system comprises not only of the camera itself, but also a recording system and a playback system to offer full security protection. As such, this complete system may cost a bomb just for the infrastructure setup, cost will subsequently be reduced as you add more cameras into the system (they all share the same recording and playback module). However, for small businesses it is difficult to justify the need to invest the same amount of infrastructure cost just like other big businesses.

Now, it is safe to say that small businesses are more subjected to small thefts and minor crimes such as vandalism, as opposed to major, structured criminal activities. Installing security cameras seems to be a good idea to warn off such intentions. However, such installation need not be real.

A fake security camera is, literally, a security camera that is fake. Dubbed as a digital scarecrow, a fake camera system consists of only non-functional cameras, so the cost is much, much cheaper. A fake CCTV looks very much like a real camera, since it is built to deceive potential thefts and vandalism acts. In fact, some fake cameras are made of real camera bodies so that unknown parties are not available to tell if they are fake.

To make a fake CCTV camera looks even more realistic, an LED light will be installed, and when operating (on 2 AA batteries and it would last for 2 long years!) the LED light will flash, imitating an “in-operation” mode. Such fake cameras would cost around USD $30 or lesser. For some higher-end fake security cameras, a simple motor will be installed to allow panning or tilting of the camera, providing a more realistic imitation of a working camera. However, such cameras come at a higher price, priced normally more than USD$ 45.

Fake security cameras are not easily recognized by individual, inexperienced thieves, so it is a good solution to protect your business. However, if your business involved large amount of cash or valuable items, and is thus subjected to attract the interest of more organized criminal act, then a fully functional security camera system is recommended. Always remember that there is still a risk, albeit smaller, when you opt to install fake security cameras.

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