Fairy Lights: Magical Lighting

If any of you have seen Peter Pan you will know that all fairies leave a trail of light when they fly. Grown up people may say that this is just a lot of bunkum, but if they were true, why would they call string lights, fairy lights? Fairy lights are just a rose by another name; what the world calls string lights, or serial lights, the English call Fairy lights. So if after all this they still do so, there must be some really good reason for this, right?

Well if you string “fairy” lights on your Christmas tree, turn on the multi-function button, turn off all the lights in your room, cock your head to one side and give your tree a really good look, you’ll know why. This will not happen to the unbelievers who will probably follow instructions to a T but in a names sake manner. You must have a feeling for it, when the lights are draped around the tree, you should be happy with what you’ve done, and then you will see it.

Christmas is the time of good cheer, but just because it is that time of the year, it doesn’t mean that fairies will come a’ visiting. They only reward those who really get into the spirit of the season with their presence. The nay sayers would still be crowing at the top of their shrill voices that there is no proof, but there is. All it needs is for you to look around you and you will know that what I say is true.

In science, even if a particular particle is not identified, if its effects on other nearby matter are measurable, then it is taken as proof of existence of that particle. If the same yardstick is used for fairies, just looking at the faces of people will immediately tell you if they have had fairies visiting them or not. Most times the people themselves will be unaware of it. So when Christmas comes up the next time, string up fairy lights all over your house, string them up happily, and string them up as a family, and whether you believe it or not, fairies will come visit you. All you have to do is look at your children’s faces to know that what I’m saying is true.

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