Electric mattress pad for warm sleep

There are many reasons persons may choose to use an electric mattress pad or electric blankets. The blanket is designed for use on top of the top sheet while the pad is placed under the bottom sheet. Use of either of these devices means that the heat in the home can be turned down at night while the person in the bed remains warm. Most users find that the pad provide better heat than the blanket. With the pad heat rises and is radiated through the entire body while the heat from the blanket may rise out of the bed. Pads are often useful for persons that suffer from arthritis. The pad does have a few problems, however. Some of the less expensive pads tend to wear out quickly or malfunction. Pads should not be used with small children due to the fire hazards. The user must take precautions and follow all the instructions carefully to prevent damage to the bed or injury to persons. In addition, some users report feeling the wiring in the pad as they sleep on it and others complain that the pad does not fit the bed well. Generally, these complaints are considered minor and owners continue to use the units. There have been cases where reports are made of overheating and singing the bottom sheet, but these are rare. Modern models often offer dual heat controls and are machine washable. One of the more popular uses is simply to warm the bed before getting in. Once in bed, the unit is turned off to prevent overheating. This also increases the safety of the unit as no power is turned on while the person is sleeping. Newer models offer more padding to avoid the discomfort of feeling the wires. These are usually harder to find and more expensive. Use of the mattress pads may be advantageous to persons living in cold climates that would like to save on the cost of heating the home.

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