Ease the Pain of Tennis Elbow

You know, tennis elbow is a really painful condition which usually results from playing tennis or other racket sports and also sometimes, due to other things. It is also sometimes referred to as tendonitis in elbow and it causes soreness and tenderness along the outer elbow; generating pain that can range from mild to debilitating. If you are not a tennis player and you are experiencing a mysterious pain along your elbow and you think that you are already plagued by it, why not check out these signs and symptoms and see if in case they match whatever it is that you are feeling.

1.) Does the outer region of your elbow (specifically the bony part) painful when touched or bumped?

2.) Does your hand and wrist throb and ache each time you attempt to lift or clasp even the lightest of objects?

3.) Do you feel that sharp stabbing pain when you use your wrist in performing typical activities like for instance lifting a glass of water or book and/or twisting a door knob?

4.) Does your elbow as well as your arm feel extremely tight and stiff during mornings?

5.) Is there inflammation or swelling present along the tender part?

Now, if you keep giving a YES to two or more of these outlined symptoms, then there is a good chance that you are suffering from tennis elbow! But then again, do not fret, there are a handful of treatments that you can employ in order to decrease the pain and eventually cure it for good!

1.) Put ice or heat packs along your elbow. The use of both is the best way to reduce the swelling and consequently, the pain.

2.) Take over the counter anti inflammatory medications. Anti inflammatory tablets can help minimize the pain that you feel; however, there are those who report experiencing stomach problems, especially when taking anti inflammatory drugs regularly, so it would be best to keep your intake of these types of medicines at a minimum and use it only in accordance with other modes of treatment.

3.) Limit the movement of your elbow, hand and wrist at all cost. Give your arm some rest, doing so is very much important if you want to encourage thorough healing. If you want to continuously make use of your arm, without the risk of further injuring it, then it would be best that you purchase and use a tennis elbow brace. These braces can be availed in many of your local sports centers and they can also be purchased online.

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  1. Stalybridge Physiotherapist says:

    Great post! Physiotherapy can help to relieve the pain of tennis elbow. Your physiotherapist may try various techniques to reduce the pain. These may include exercises, deep tissue massage and acupuncture.

    You may also be shown exercises to do that stretch your muscles and that can improve the movement and strength of your elbow and wrist. You should start these exercises as soon as possible after any injury, when your pain has eased. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise you on this.

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