Designing Business Card – How To Help It Help You

A business card is usually a good part of the first impression that one gives. As such it helps to do whatever one can to make the standard landscape business card attractive to someone else and to give all of the relevant information. There are a few basic things that a lot of people tend to forget.

Bear in mind that there is a limited space available, so the key is to have the important information placed on those blank business cards . That space does not leave a lot of room for playing, and you need to take full advantage of that room. This means that you need to put your name, your business, and your title at a minimum. If you have a large number of names, try to limit to your first, family, and only one of your middle names. Also include any other part of your name, such as “Junior” or “Senior” as well as other honorifics, such as “Doctor”. Also limit it to one e-mail and at best two phone numbers; the card is to make getting in touch with you easier, not more complicated, and too many options will make them less likely to contact you. The same logic is why you should only post a single website, as well as a quick motto, no more than a few words long. Anything more than this, and it is likely that you will be crowding out the rest of your information.

The bottom line is that it needs to have only the minimum information required and nothing else. Having embossed business cards or more complex design comes in secondary. Anything past that and your cards will look disorganized and will be hard to read, not something you want to deal with when you are meeting a potential client for the first time. Keep it simple, and they will want to call you.

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