Corian Countertops Are Beautiful

When remodeling or building a kitchen one of the most important steps is choosing the right counter top.  There is a lot that needs to go in to the decision before you buy, the size of the kitchen, the color scheme of the kitchen and the amount of maintenance to care for your new kitchen countertops.  A very popular choice in about the last 40 years has been corian countertops, which is an acrylic based material made by the Dupont Company.

A major factor when selecting what style of countertop for your kitchen is durability and maintenance.  The advantage to a corian countertop is that they come in a huge variety of colors to go with any scheme design and color also they are very low maintenance.  They have been designed to be very easy to clean you can use soap and water to clean them but they need to be dried after cleaning and water should not be left standing on them or it will leave a film on the surface.  They have a hard, non porous surface are designed to be heat resistant to some degree but are prone to burning and scratching so as with any surface you should take steps to prevent this from happening.   If they do get burned the advantage to corian is that the pigment used to make the work surface goes all the way through the material so that if the surface is damaged then the surface can be sanded down and the countertop ‘renewed’.  Also with minor scratches and such can be buffed out with a scotch brite pad so they are overall very low maintenance.

As with any kitchen countertop you should take care of your corian countertops so that they are not damaged and with the ‘renewable’ aspect you won’t have to replace them but everyone will think that you have since, with care, they can be kept beautiful for years to come.

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