Choosing Folding Steps

When you are choosing a set of folding steps, there are a few things that you can take into consideration to help ensure you get the right folding step stool for your home. There are many different types of step stools available, so whether you are looking for something cheap and cheerful or perhaps something a bit more heavy duty, you will find there is a great selection for you to browse.

A good all round, general purpose fold away step stool for the home would most probably be a set of folding steps, such as a 2 step step ladder, that will allow you to reach the very tops of cupboards, hard to reach shelves, and change light bulbs easily, without having to over reach. These kinds of step ladders fold away neatly, and can be stored away without taking up too much space, making them ideal even for small homes. Lightweight step stools are another great example of general purpose step stools, as they are small, compact, and as the name suggests, they are very light, which makes them easy to carry around the house to wherever you might need to use them. If you would like to be able to have one foldaway step stool that you can use both upstairs and downstairs in your home, then a lightweight folding step stool would be the perfect solution.

You will find that most small step ladders are made from metal, as this allows them to be hard wearing, easy to clean and also light and portable. There are single folding step stools available, and these are generally made from plastic, or in some cases metal or wood, depending on the price range you are looking at. Cheap folding step stools are normally plastic, however they offer great value for money and are a fantastic piece of homeware to add to your collection.

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