Choosing Flowers for Funeral

Giving flower bouquets to a relative or friend of ours that have recently lost one of their loved ones is one of the best ways of showing our respect and sympathy to them. By giving flowers to them, it will tell them that you have not forgotten about them and that you care about them in their grief.

Flower – the type of flower that you are to put into your bouquet for the funeral is very important. You do not just pick up flowers that your hands can get into. You should properly choose the right kind of flower when making a bouquet.

  • Chrysanthemums – are one of the most famous kinds of flower that is used during funerals. White chrysanthemums are more preferred by people during funerals because they symbolize or signify truth and honesty. What’s great about chrysanthemums is that they are available in many colors such as white, pink, tan, yellow, green, and burgundy.
  • Roses – though many people think that roses are for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, today many people are already using roses for funerals. Just like chrysanthemum, roses occur in many colors. They are available in pink, yellow, red, and white. Red colored roses are the traditional color used, white, yellow, and pink on the other hand are the ones that deliver great visual impact.
  • Carnations – are another very famous flower used in funerals. A white carnation implies truth while a red carnation signifies a strong or strength of feeling. The only con about carnation flowers is that they are more expensive than that of roses which is why only few people use them during funerals. Carnation flowers are great to make or serve as a base for a bouquet. They give a very vibrant look to the flower.

Price – by the time you have already made a list on what kind of flowers you want to use for your bouquet, the next thing you should do is for you to canvass on the prices for each flower. Choose the ones that have the cheapest price yet with a beautiful flower. If the vendor will allow, you can even ask a price list of the products and services that their shop is offering to their customers.

Arrangement – finally, when you have already bought the flowers and other materials that you need, you can then have those flowers arrange. You can either have those flowers arrange by the store where you have bought those flowers or you could hire some professional flower arranger to arrange the flowers for you. You should also add a card on the bouquet with your message on it and have it sent to the funeral homes where the funeral is being held.

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