Choosing Brown Curtains

Various shades of brown have always been popular home decorating choices. Warm browns from amber to chocolate can help a room feel cozier. One of the best ways to take advantage of the color is to use brown curtains.

Browns are lovely with other colors, from rusty red to hot pink, to olive or forest green. Darker browns can filter excess light and give your room a peaceful feeling. Light, soft colors accompany dark shades of brown very well – think about cocoa brown curtains, a lovely brown leather sofa, and various toss pillows that incorporate your favorite colors. Custom artwork can complete the room’s overall look. If you love the idea of brown curtains, here are some ideas for using various shades.

Tan Colors

Tan is a very popular color for home furnishings, because it goes so well with other colors. Be careful with tans and beiges, because if you use too much tan or beige, and not enough of other colors, you can end up with a washed-out look. Tan or beige curtains look crisp and clean, and allow plenty of light into the room. Consider using florals or stripes, or other favorite patterns that incorporate various shades of beige and tan. This will break up the monotony of the color and give more interest to your room. Alternatively, use a textured fabric to add interest. Linen or velvet curtain panels can work well in that respect.

Ambers and Medium Browns

Various shades of amber, from a very light, nearly yellow amber, to medium brown, are a great choice for curtains. Use other medium colors like green, red and yellow to give vibrancy to the room, or use blues for a more peaceful feeling.

Deep Browns

Deep, chocolaty browns are amazingly versatile. If you choose deep browns, consider using colors like plum, olive green, and deep red. If you use an area rug that incorporates the same colors, you’ll love the overall feel of your room and you’ll spend less time cleaning as well.

No matter what shade of brown curtains you are looking for, be sure that you take other furnishings into consideration. Photograph other furnishings or bring bits of coordinating fabric with you when you shop. If you prefer to shop online, you’ll be amazed and pleased with the selection of curtains available.

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