Can Brainwave Entrainment Sounds Better Your Meditation?

For centuries, man has attempted various methods to go deeper inside realms of mind. Last century has witnessed the west side of the world taking keen interest in practice of meditation.

Meditation requires a particular state of mind when brain activity is very low but mind is totally aware of itself. There are many techniques which help entering this relaxed and profound state. This state is typically Alpha or Theta state. People have used visualization, rhythmic breathing, concentration on outside / inside object, active meditations, chants, mantras and music as tools to reach deep states easily and quickly.

It is known fact that sound has its effects on mind and body. Therefore chants and mantras have special significance in every spiritual tradition. Today, with rise of spiritual evolution in west, more scientific approach is undertaken towards sound and meditation. With scientific understanding of effects of sound on brain, everyone can reap its benefits by using it as a better tool to meditation for beginners and experienced practitioners as well.

Brainwave entrainment sound is one such development. Brainwave Entrainment programs are usually sound file containing binaural/ monaural/ isochronal beats (which are precisely recorded sound frequencies at particular intervals which induces brain to counter produce similar frequency). This act of alignment of frequency by brain is called Brainwave Entrainment. One can easily enter the desired state of lower frequency by providing brain with stimuli emitting lower frequencies. Moreover, these sounds are mixed with soothing and relaxing sounds of nature, mantras, chants, musical instruments, hypnotic and subliminal messages.

Today Self Help market is flooded with various brainwave entrainment programs. They are a huge success. They are extensively used for deepening the practice of meditation. There are many guided meditation recorded with entrainment sounds. Thousands of people are benefited using these programs. Among top of the list Quantum Mind Power System, Hemi-sync, Brain Sync, Holosync and DNA activation by Shapeshifters rule the chart.

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