CAHSEE Prep: Tips on Taking the Exam

The actual testing day for CAHSEE is important, but it does not mean that students should not devote time for a helpful CAHSEE prep. It heavily matters that examinees come prepared and geared well for the exam, and should not take it like any other daily tests in school because passing it equals to getting a diploma. Thus, if you are taking the CAHSEE exam in the coming weeks, here are some test-taking tips that will help you have a bigger chance in getting through it successfully:

If tomorrow is your test day, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. A well-rested body and mind will allow you to take the test with ease. Also, ascertain that you prepared all the things you will need for the exam before you sleep the day prior the testing date.

Arrive thirty minutes early at the testing location. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the room where you will be taking the exam. Get the most comfortable spot inside the room as much as possible.

Listen to the instructions of the proctor carefully. Important notes are usually written on the board. If you have questions, raise them immediately in order to make sure that you understand the process of taking the exam.

Right before the test, relax your mind and muscles. You may need to take some deep breaths to release tension. Also clear your mind so you can focus on the exam.

Read the instructions on the test carefully. Answer all the questions unless it is indicated that you can leave out some of them. It is always a good idea to read each question at least twice.

In answering, choose the option that you know is best. Choices that do not ring a bell usually are just there to trick you. Remember that if you reviewed enough, you will be familiar with the terms in the test subject that you are taking.

A CAHSEE prep that is tailored towards making examinees ready is the only scheme needed in achieving the diploma that every graduating student deserves.

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