Broadway travel and holiday insurance

There’s no question about it:  New York’s Broadway is the theater capital of the world, offering a show for every taste and a taste of everything in between.  If you’re planning on seeing the bright lights of the world’s premier Big City, it’s helpful to keep a couple of considerations in mind.

First, bring along a bit more working capital to the theater capital. Even though the recent recession has held prices a bit in check, New York is an expensive town to visit.  Being largely a service-based economy in the tourist district, expect an open hand for gratuities at every turn.  Another 35% to 50% on top of your planned spending cash should be a safe bet to properly fund your Broadwaytravel.

Second, it pays to consider holiday insurance as well, particularly if you’re traveling to Broadway from overseas.  Vacation insurance can keep you in the black when unexpected expenses arise, when you have a change in plans, or when an emergency develops.

There are two major types of holiday insurance.  Single-trip policies (also called “trip insurance” just cover a single excursion abroad, whereas a multi trip or annual travel insurance policy, as the name implies, covers your adventures over a longer time span.  If you’re certain you won’t travel but once in a given year, then a single-trip plan is probably right for you.  But if there’s a chance you might venture abroad more than once in a given year, you will likely enjoy some savings by buying an annual plan.  An added benefit of an annual travel insurance plan is that you only have to spend time considering the various policy options once, rather than for each time you venture abroad.

You’re certain to have a memorable experience in the Big Apple.  Plan sufficiently ahead, and consider protecting your investment with an insurance plan, and you’ll be protected against most vacationing pitfalls.

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