Brief History of Karaoke

Some people debate exactly which country karaoke emanated from.  It’s probably not important to determine which country specifically was responsible for karaoke because there is a good chance that it emerged concurrently in various parts of Asia.  What is important to focus on is the fact that it took a lot longer for North Americans to adopt karaoke.  A lot of people regarded it as an unusual activity that seemed completely cheesy and corny.  There are still many people who are sceptical about singing karaoke today, but there are also many more fans who absolutely love singing in front of other people.  This is due to the rise in popularity of karaoke bars and an incredible amount of people with interest in home karaoke machines.  Even people who publicly denounce karaoke secretly owned a home karaoke machine in the privacy of their own living room.

Karaoke machines for the home had a modest beginning and the first models were not fancy at all.  They were nothing more than cassette players that could also amplify your voice.  If you wanted the lyrics for the songs you would have to settle for word books that you would have to read from.  It was a rather cumbersome process where you had to fast forward and rewind to get to the song you wanted, and then flip through the song book to find the matching lyrics.

Today karaoke has advanced to the point where it only takes mere seconds for you to get to your song.  And of course all of the lyrics are displayed clearly on the karaoke system or your television if it is properly hooked up.  It will be exciting to find out which direction karaoke takes us in the future as even more features are popping up every year.  Currently people are excited about iPod docking and the ability to play songs that you already have downloaded.  Now is the perfect time to become a karaoke fan as it has clearly conquered its unusual history to become a legitimate form of entertainment.

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