Asian Matchmaking in Vietnam

Vietnam Cupid is the largest and the best prepared website to finding a Vietnamese wife. For Vietnam, Thai, Philippine, or Cambodia women the marriage with western man is basically a way to escape from poverty. Love comes later with time passing. Asian women generally accept elder men; the age difference is not a problem.

More and more web services offer not only a possibility to contact a woman by internet but also tours to Vietnam or any other country in the region: for $2,000 you get holidays in South-East Asia plus organized meetings with women looking for marriage. Asian Beauties is probably the best web service of this kind.

Vietnam holidays are innocent pleasures. Meeting a woman is much more complex. There’s a subtle line between a simple Asian matchmaking service and selling people as any other object you buy: car, home, and… wife? Before registering in any of these web services offering holidays and matchmaking “2 in 1” check if they are not involved in human trafficking in any way. It’s easy to buy a slave, but it’s definitely not what we advise. If the offer is like “$10,000 for a Vietnamese virgin” it’s about human trafficking and slavery, not about love and family. Buying a wife is so shameful in western countries that these problems don’t exist in the West. However you can be astonished knowing how many men from East Asia simply buy women. In some regions this is a normal practice.

Saigon Darlings is the third website worth recommendation with thousands of profiles of real girls and women. Love Awake is worth to add to the list of recommended websites also. The other places are: Asian Friend Finder, Asian People Meet, Vina Singles, Plenty of Fish, Saigon Singles, and Asia Funs.

The best way to find a wife in Vietnam is avoid all these services and go there without any “agencies”, without visiting “websites” and “profiles”. Love is not worth exchanging it to so cheap way of finding a beloved woman.

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