An Ergonomic Computer Chair is a Wise Investment

If you’re outfitting your home office with new furniture, don’t skimp when it comes to the computer chair. Choosing an ergonomic computer chair is a wise investment in your health, because it will support your body in comfort and help to prevent long term back problems.

An ergonomic chair is designed to give your body proper support from head to toe. It does this through a variety of adjustable components that, when set properly, can make your chair a virtual custom fit to your body.

The most important feature is the backrest. It must be adjustable for height and angle so that it conforms to the shape of your spine. When your spine is in its natural alignment, the muscles of your back will experience less strain and you’ll be pain free as you sit. Some chairs have padded backrests that are sculpted to fit the back. Others, such as the Herman Miller Aeron, use mesh to closely support the back, and have a lumbar cushion for precise fit in the lower back. The LiveBack technology of the Steelcase Leap is another good choice, as it actually changes shape to fit you perfectly.

Even if you don’t opt for such advanced technology, it’s important that you spend some time playing with the height and angle so that you get the optimal fit for your back. You also need to be able to adjust the seat height and angle to suit the length of your legs. Make sure the seat is sufficiently deep and wide for your size. Some chairs are available in more than one size to accommodate all body sizes and shapes.

A good ergonomic computer chair will take a few days to get used to. You’ll have to spend some time getting all the controls just right. And your muscles will have to adapt to your new and improved body alignment. But with a bit of patience, you’ll soon realize that you’ve made a wise investment in your health.

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