Amethyst Drop Earrings As A Gift

Giving out a piece of jewelry as a gift can be pretty tricky because it is something personal. It can be difficult to tell whether it would suit the person’s style or not. Luckily, amethyst earrings come in this beautiful shade of purple that matches almost every outfit. It can both be classic and fashionable depending on the clothes and accessories that one chooses to wear.

Amethyst have an interesting story behind them that can be used as a conversation piece. It is said to be used as a weapon against intoxication according to Greek mythology, that is why a lot of wine goblets are made from amethyst stones. In some parts of Europe it was also believed to be worn by soldiers during the ancient times for they possess healing powers and they are said to maintain your temper.

It also serves as an amulet as it was believed that Artemis protected a beautiful young mortal named Amethystos from the God, Dionysus. To prevent her from the fierce claws of the tigers that Dionysus has created, Artemis turned Amethystos into crystal. Dionysus was moved at the sight of this beautiful crystal and it was believed that his tears caused the purple hue color of the amethysts.

In choosing amethyst earrings, there are so many choices depending on the design of the earrings and its size. You can choose a hoop earrings although the stones might be too small. If you want a more elaborate and bigger design, amethyst drop earrings would be perfect. They can be arranged intricately and mixed with other stones or set in gold or silver.

Everyone would love its magnificent purple color which is also a symbol for royalty. A simple top and even plain jeans would immediately looked dressed up when paired with amethyst drop earrings. They would also look good on a black cocktail dress or an intrinsic purple gown. Whichever look you choose, amethyst earrings would surely match them.

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