Accommodations in Alicante, Spain

If you are coming to Alicantethis year for your summer holidays you should be aware of the different types of accommodations are available for tourists. Basically there are three types of accommodations available for tourists in Alicante Spain which are hostels, hotels, and self catering apartments.


Hostels are fantastic if you are travelling on a budget. The famous ones are the albergues, hostales, and pensiones. Many are within walking distance of either the beach, the centre of the town, or the main tourist attractions.
Albergues are your cheapest option of the three and on top of that they almost always give discounts for people travelling in groups.


Alicante offers a variety of hotels ranging form small hotels to luxury suites, it all depends how deep your pockets are.

The city’s main hotel zones include el barrio, the harbor, and the playa de San Juan. Staying around these areas has an advantage of being close to everything, and that is why they are usually very crowded.


Another option is Short-term apartment rentals. This option is becoming quite popular among tourists. You can rent an apartment for just a few days to longer rentals for weeks or even months. You will have a fully furnished apartment, be able to cook your own food and even do your own laundry. Prices range form 200 to 300 Euros per month and an extra 50 Euros for the bills and utilities. If you are looking for apartment listings you may visit sites like, which will help you look at all the listings for apartments that are up for short term rental.

When planning a visit to Alicante you are strongly advised to select your accommodation option over the Internet and book early. As it is usually difficult to get accommodation at the last minute especially during festival and holiday season because there are usually a lot of people coming in to Alicante from different parts of Spain and the rest of the world, it is also important that you book your accommodations or secure apartment rentals with trusted people so as to avoid any problems upon arrival.

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