Sometimes molars, or teeth that are at the back of the jaw line are hard to clean. Even while using a regular tooth brush, the bristles can’t reach low enough to clean out the cracks known as fissures or the pits in the top of the teeth to do any good. If these pits and fissures aren’t cleaned, plaque can build up and cause a cavity to form, either in the top, where the pit is, or at the bottom of the tooth where the fissure is. A simple way to solve this problem is to have a sealant placed on the tooth.

At Milpitas dental, the dentist can offer a cleaning, and decide what teeth need to have a sealant on them. A sealant is a thin plastic covering that will cover the top of the tooth, and it will prevent the formation of cavities in the pits and fissures. At the cleaning, the dentist will remove any plaque that is left in these hard to reach areas and he will place a sealant on them. That way, there is no plaque stuck underneath the sealant so there won’t be any tooth decay.

The application of the sealant should be done in the same appointment as the cleaning. After the cleaning, the dentist or the assistant will paint the tooth with a plastic that should keep bacteria away from the actual tooth. Then the dentist will shine a blue spectrum natural light on the tooth, so that the plastic is cured. The patient doesn’t have to wait to eat, and they don’t have to worry about the tooth falling off. A Milpitas family dentist can offer the best service to ensure that the patients teeth are protected, and that the sealant won’t fall off.

Good dental health is  very important to your overall health. Don’t mistreat your teeth!

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