A Review of the Canon G12 Camera

Canon has long revolutionized the way cameras are today, especially their point-and-shoot cameras. With the creation of Canon G12, a camera designed to target people who want the utility of DSLR cameras but could easily make do with its bulky size and heavy weight, they have paved their way in the land of cameras just a notch up higher. Canon G12 review gives an in-depth, detailed dissection of the ease, functionality and the quality of photos provided by this camera.

Unlike most point-and-shoot cameras, Canon G12 dedicate their expertise on fixed lenses, bigger imaging senses and controls that can be easily manipulated but has advanced functions. For the weight of 12.4 ounces, a measurement of 4.4 x 3 x 1.9 inches and a 5x zoom lens, it provides good quality pictures aside from having a flexible focal range. It has been proven to take photos with zero noise at ISO 80-400. However, at higher ISOs such as ISO 800, it showed too much noise.

Although its sharpening features are a little soft compared to other digital cameras, it still boasts two settings for file quality and it is able to handle chromic deviations with keen proficiency. This camera also provides four flash settings which include slow synchro, off, auto and a red-eye reduction option.

Unlike its predecessor Canon G11 that had a disappointing quality for video recording, Canon G12 was able to remedy the problem with high-definition videos and additional changes for the better. It even photographs well in the night with an excellent shutter speed of 15 seconds.

What was admirable about Canon G12 was its anti-shake mechanism which enables you to photograph sharp pictures at delayed shutter speed. It is also able to provide high quality dynamic range that merges three photos with different exposures in a single snap. Albeit its minor flaws, Canon G12 deserve a thumbs-up. Just go check out the

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