A Look at a Nike VR Forged Wedge

In golf, wedge is a term referred to a subclass in the iron family that is utilized during certain circumstances. Wedges are types or clubs that have an altered sole created to help when doing shots past uneven and sandy course. Because of its design, a wedge can produce a spin on the ball and because of its short body it is very simple to maneuver. One of the wedges in the market that I personally love is the Nike VR forged wedge.
Nike is a known brand manufacturing golf equipments. It is trusted by several golfers because of the high quality and amazing performance of its items. They created the best wedges used in golf such as the Nike VR forged wedge. Designed and milled on the clubhead are aggressive high rev grooves. These grooves generate full spin for greater control and shot placement. Its heel grind is tour inspired thus it intensifies the competence of making a shot in different angles.
Other features of the Nike VR forged wedge is the 1025 forged carbon steel that gives an unmatched feel of the equipment. In addition, it has a CNC milled face that makes sure there is even ball compression resulting to a constant ball flight. Its grip is designed to provide maximum hold on the top half and offers excellent feel at the bottom for better control.
At $129.99 you can already buy your own Nike wedge but if you purchase online there may be discounts that they don’t usually offer in the stores. If you want to get Nike VR forged wedges at a lower price, buy online. You can get one at $88.88 when you get it online so you can save up to $41.11. With a low price to pay you can already get all the benefits mentioned above. That would be a great deal.

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