A Gift From a Friend

One of the things our close-knit staff of 14 women did was to celebrate birthdays and holidays during our lunchtime. Someone brought a special desert and, of course, everyone brought cards and gifts. It was a time that bonded coworkers into friends.

One gift that I received changed my life. It would be some months after receiving the gift that I would realize what it would mean for my future. Juanita, the friend who gave the gift, happened to also be a new Cookie Lee consultant. The gift was a Cookie Lee necklace. It was a mother of pearl shell pendant on a silver chain. I loved the necklace and wore it a lot. Every time I wore it I received complements.

I am a natural crafter and would be retiring in a few years. One of the things I planned to do after retirement was to make jewelry and market it to supplement my income. I would sell at Holiday bazaars. However, as I watched the women snatch up the Cookie Lee jewelry when she brought her collection to work and laid out her trays during lunchtime, I reconsidered my plan.

It would take painstaking hours to make jewelry and then more time to market it. Also, I knew that jewelry is a very competitive business. Here was a line already built and I could see that it was also successful. I attended a home show that Juanita gave at a mutual friends house. Again, I saw how eagerly women purchased the jewelry. I took home a packet with information on how to become a Cookie Lee consultant.

Now, I am not a natural sales person. I am actually quite shy and I don’t like to approach people to ask them to do anything for me. I don’t even wear very much jewelry. But I was intrigued with this opportunity and decided to go for it.

I am now retired and beginning to build my Cookie Lee business. I am receiving so much help from my up line and having fun. I would recommend this business to any woman who wants to earn extra money or start a new career in fashion. To learn how you can become a Cookie Lee consultant visit my web site at www.cookieleee.biz/demarisbeyl

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