A Briggs and Stratton Air Cleaner Can Ensure Smooth Running of an Engine

Every combustion engine needs air to function and is constantly drawing it in from the atmosphere. However this does allow dirt and other particles to combine with the air. It is the job of an air cleaner to serve as the defense against dirt and the problems that it can cause to an engine’s functioning. This requires that the Briggs and Stratton air cleaner that you have on your engine be properly maintained at all times.

The job of an air cleaner is to ensure that dirt and dust do not make their way into the engine. A Briggs and Stratton air cleaner will have elements that are made of pleated paper or of foam, which act as filters to trap the dust and other particles in the air. There are some air cleaners that may have both a foam cleaner and a pleated paper element. These air filters or cleaners have a tendency to get clogged and this can reduce engine efficiency and lead to black smoke coming out of the exhaust.

This is the time when you have to make arrangements to clean the air cleaner. Most pleated paper elements can be tapped clean, but foam elements can be cleaned with detergents and hot water. Briggs and Stratton also advices replacement of pleated paper cartridges at intervals that have to do with the hours for which the engine is used. Foam cleaners can last longer if they are properly cleaned at regular intervals. The cost of air cleaners is not a very major one, and it is always in the interest of the equipment to keep such cleaners always in prime working condition, as this can allow the engine to function properly for longer periods of time. Dirt getting into an engine has the potential to damage it and this can be prevented with the use of properly maintained air cleaners.

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